About Me

Adventure Corey!

Me in 30 seconds

I am a Conch. In turn, I must ritualistically feed on Cuban bread once a year to prevent reverting to mollusk state.

I am also an ENFP. If youโ€™re unfamiliar with Myers-Briggs Type Indicators this means Iโ€™m a big olโ€™ empathic art boy who cares a whole bunch.

Iโ€™ve worked in Product and on the web since 2009, most notably at great places shut down much to soon like Grooveshark and Ignite.

While at the University of Florida I studied Digital Arts & Sciences. People donโ€™t typically know what that means. I explain, โ€œitโ€™s 80% traditional computer science, 20% digital mediaโ€. That sorta helps.

I love making pizza, printmaking, drawing, reading books/stuff I squirrel away in Pocket, listening to podcasts, playing boardgames, and indulging my curiosity (I am a deeply curious person).

Hereโ€™s what Iโ€™m doing now.